6054-DP Offenhauser Dual Port 4BBL Intake Manifold 1967-1969 AMC V8Zoom

6054-DP Offenhauser Dual Port 4BBL Intake Manifold 1967-1969 AMC V8

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Offenhauser Dual Port Intake Manifolds

The Offenhauser Dual Port Design is best described as two separate manifolds in one resulting in more power across the rpm range. The entire manifold is divided from the base of the carburetor to the head flange. In operation, the primary mixture is fed into the bottom runners and the engine operates on this smaller port until the engine demands more fuel. When the secondaries open, more fuel goes through the bigger, cooler upper passages. Fuel is then forced into the cylinders when it encounters the high-volume mix from the primaries. The results are better fuel economy and a 15-30 percent power increase across the entire rpm range.


AMC V8 290, 343 - 4-Barrel Square Bore mounting - Standard Deck - Dual Plane Intake Style - Natural Aluminum - No EGR Valve - MADE IN THE USA

Jeep Applications Require Offenhauser Choke Block Off Plate & Water Outlet Riser Kit #6094

Engines: 1967-1969 AMC 290 V8 - 1967-1969 AMC 343 V8

Fits 1967-1969 American Motors Vehicles

Years: 1967, 1968, 1969
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