M20-410  AMC 20 Rear Axle 1976-86 CJ 4.10 Ratio Ring and Pinion Revolution GearZoom

M20-410 AMC 20 Rear Axle 1976-86 CJ 4.10 Ratio Ring and Pinion Revolution Gear

Item# M20-410
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Revolution Gear and Axle ring and pinion manufactured to be compatible with AMC 20 differentials.

This premium gear set is engineered to elevate your driving experience, whether you're navigating the rugged trails off-road or cruising on the highway. Discover the unmatched benefits of upgrading your Ring and Pinion gear set and understand why it's an essential component in your vehicle.

Key Benefits:

Enhanced Capability and Performance: The optimized gear ratio improves torque delivery to the wheels, allowing for better traction and control. Towing performance is improved when you install the correct gear ratio for your vehicle setup by providing increased torque at lower speeds, making it easier to pull heavy loads without straining the engine. This means smoother, more efficient towing, whether you're hauling a trailer or carrying gear for your next adventure.

Increased Fuel Efficiency at Highway Speeds: Contrary to what one might expect, the right gear ratio can contribute to better fuel efficiency. By optimizing the engine's RPM at highway speeds, the ring and pinion gear set helps maintain a more efficient fuel consumption rate, saving you money and extending your journeys.

Superior Strength and Durability: Revolution Gear and Axle is renowned for their commitment to quality. Our ring and pinion gear sets are made from high grade steel using precision gear cutting and heat treatment processes that meet or exceed Original Equipment standards. This results in a product that not only performs exceptionally but also withstands the rigors of both daily driving and extreme off-road conditions.


Gear Rotation: Standard

Pinion Splines: 29

Ring Gear Diameter: 8.875 Inch

Ring Gear Bolt Thread: 8 x 7/16"

Carrier Break: 2.73 / 3.08 Ratio

Cover Bolts: 12 Bolt

Differential: AMC 20

Material: 8620

Country of Manufacture: Korea
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